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02 May 2016
“Catalogue of Entrepreneurial Ideas” successfully finished

On 28th of April Smart Inno team from Juraj Dobrila University of Pula organized the final of educational programme “Catalogue of Entrepreneurial Ideas”, pilot action within working package number five.

Pilot action consisted of two months educational programme composed of three workshops for high school pupils and students with the goal of boosting entrepreneurial spirit and creativity among young people. Its main aim was to enhance entrepreneurship through self-employment and strengthening competencies. 25 of 45 participants entered the grand finale,  gathered in five teams.

Participants were pupils from Gymnasium Pula, High School of Economics and Private Gymnasium Juraj Dobrila Pula. In the final, they had to present their business plan as the result of workshops where they learned about creative and critical thinking methods for creating and developing business idea, conducting research for the business plan using secondary data and learn to write the business plan.

The presentations were held in front of commission whose members were Renata Kiršić (Cooperative for ethical finance), Zoran Rajn (Centre for social innovation and sustainable development), Robert Zenzerović (Smarto Inno Project Manager)  and Violeta Šugar (Professor of Entrepreneurship at Faculty). 

Between five very interesting business planes, High School of Economics team won, with their idea “Application for entrance in the virtual world of finance”. This was the second cycle of very successful programme which gathered also representatives from City of Pula, Smart Inno partner Istrian Development Agency, representatives of civil society, university professors and students.

 Youtube video from the event,