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14 Oct 2015
1st SMART INNO Regional Conference ENEF 2015
25-26 September 2015, Banjaluka (BiH)

LIR Evolution (partner of Bosnia and Herzegovina) organized in collaboration with the Electrotechnical Faculty, University of Banja Luka, the 1st SMART INNO Regional Conference ENEF 2015 in Banjaluka on the 25-26th of September 2015.

The Regional Conference ENEF 15 has been specifically organized around the topic of the SMART INNO Pilot Action - Improving  energy efficiency to increase competitiveness of SMEs, where it was iscussed about innovative developments in energy efficiency approach for organizations. In this occasion the SMART INNO project and pilot action were presented and promoted by LIR staff. A considerable number of representatives of local and foreign universities, Ministries, public and private companies and innovation centers took part to the conference asking questions and making proposals.

The link to the official website of the 1st SMART INNO Regional Conference is available here: 

All the pictures of the event can be found here

For more information on the final results of the conference as well as on the specific Pilot Action presented at the conference, please get in contact with

Mr. Ognjenka Zrilic and LIR EVOLUTION Team 

Tel: +38751 303 227

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