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The SMART INNO project aims at fostering the cooperation between stakeholders and policy makers to increase RDI capacity and creating useful instruments tailored for SMEs to support their RDI capacity to improve their competitiveness.

The objectives will be achieved through the use of financial instruments and coaching schemes on improving investments readiness, mainly but not only, on cross-border cooperation across the Adriatic. According to that, the activities carry out will be the following:

  • Establish smart cluster mechanisms for promoting to SMEs technology transfer of high added-quality innovative products and technologies that lead to long-term capitalisation of innovation outputs and results.
  • Create trans-Adriatic network of R&I institutions, SMEs and Business Incubators to improve competitiveness, and facilitate exchange of best practices in SMEs and start-ups sustainable growth.
  • Identify business and technological capacities in the trans-Adriatic network for building sustainable cluster and promoting cooperation between R&I, SMEs and policy makers to create cluster synergies and build capacity in Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I).
  • Involve policymakers and regional/national stakeholders in decision making for formulating favourable policies in RD&I.
  • Build Adriatic Business Angels Network to increase access of innovative SMEs and young entrepreneurs to financing, and investigate alternative cross-border co-investment facilities and new trends in fund-raising.
  • Develop and test smart coaching schemes for SMEs and Start-ups, provide information and knowledge in financing opportunities, with direct impact on improved investment readiness of start-ups/SMEs.
  • Organise workshops to bring together innovative SMEs, academia, and investors to present research results and innovative products, in view of fostering business collaboration.