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23 Feb 2016
BARI, 17-18 February: 1st Regional Event on Cultural & Creative Industries
A focus on the Apulian creative cultural production system

According to a recent study commissioned by the Ministry of Goods and Cultural Activities and Tourism, the Industry of Culture and Creativity produced in 2015, in our country, a total economic value of 46.8 billion euro.In terms of jobs, the sector's contribution amounted to about one million employees between direct and indirect. With about 850.000 jobs, the direct employed in the Industry of Culture and Creativity represent 3,8% of the Italian workforce.

At the regional level, the survey data Creative in Puglia, realized by the Symbola Foundation and commissioned by the Puglia Region through the Productive District Creative Puglia, at the end of 2015 show that "the Apulian creative cultural production system has generated more than 2 billion euro added value that represents 4 percent of the regional economy."
The prospects of the industry and the opportunity to support their growth and consolidation has been discussed February 17th through the European IPA project Smartinno, to strengthen cohesion among small and medium enterprises and create intelligent networks to share innovation and technology transfer, with a focus on the role of creative industries.

Thanks to Tecnopolis PST, in collaboration with the Productive District Creative Puglia, for the first time will compete in Bari 18 partners, representing 8 different countries, to exploit the potential of the countries of the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region. The Italian partners, with the Apulian Tecnopolis Science Park, unique partner in the south of Italy, are: the Province of Rimini, leader partners of the project; Unioncamere Veneto - UCV; the Science and Technology Park of the University of Udine Friuli Innovazione; the Provincial Agency for Development SIPRO, Ferrara; The Agency for Innovation in Public Administration of the Marche Region.
The partners involved in representation of 7 foreign countries are: the Directorate for Development of SMEs of Montenegro; the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for Serbia; The Regional Development Agency (RDA) of the Green Karst Region; the Koper Regional Development Centre and RRC The Primorska Technology Park (PTP) for Slovenia; LIR Evolution, a research center in Bosnia and Herzegovina; the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula and the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) srl for Croatia; ATLANTIS Consulting S.A. and the Regional Organization for European Cooperation of the Greek region "Western Greece" (ERFC) for Greece; AULEDA, the Local Development Agency of Vlora, Albania.

During the two days of work have been compared the different policies implemented by each partner in favor of the cultural and creative companies. The comparison has allowed to identify good practices and policy assumptions in conjunction with the start of the new programming of EU funds from 2014 to 2020.

Tecnopolis, as scientific and technological business park, together with Productive District Creative Puglia between June and October 2015 has also mapped the needs of 400 Puglia creative companies.

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