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18 Jun 2015
"Catalogue of entrepreneurial ideas“ officialy published
Croatian Angels Business Network – CRANE President supported promotion of entrepreneurial culture among young entrepreneurs

Juraj Dobrila University of Pula published „Catalogue of entrepreneurial ideas“ as a result of educational program that lasted for two months. Program was created within Smart Inno project, primarly oriented towards higschool pupils and University studentsn with a common goal of gaining competences in application of creative and critical opinion in creating and developing entrepreneurial idea, learning the process of developing business plans, and conducting reserch for the needs of business plan. This program's main output was this publication which consists of all pupils and students plans.

Main program goal was to inspire entrepreneurial spirit and creativity among young people, encourage entrepreneurship through self-employment and strenghten competences. Workshops were created and implement by Katarina Kostelić, Research Expert on Smart Inno project and economic courses teacher.

Publication consists of 15 entrepreneurial ideas. The best projects „High-tech firefighting system“, „Sheep wool insulator“ and „Istrian War Museum“ were presented at the international scientific conference „European Future Perspectives: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Policy, on the 21st of May to business angels Davorin Štetner and Damir Mujić and numberous audiance gathered at the Smart Inno workshop „Financing innovative entrepreneurial ventures“.

Project „High-tech firefighting system“ was developed by Filip Devčić, Michele Škofić, Sabina Omić and Matko Kotiga, senior-high students of Pula Technical School. „Sheep-wool insulator“ is an entrepreneurial idea created by Loredano Šćević, Natali Pliško, Stefan Peruško and Marino Faraguna, School for tourism, hospitality and trade Pula high-school students. Project „Istrian War Museum“ was presented by Faculty of tourism and economy „Dr. Mijo Mirković“ students Corina Šćulac and Stefano Grgić, developed in collaboration with Albina Mašić, Iva Hasić and Martina Motika.

„Achieved results are strong motivation for future development and improvement of educational program“ said University Smart Inno team members Katarina Kostelić, Kristina Hlavati, and Project Manager Robert Zenzerović. Experience gained in this educational cycle will be used when creating second program, planned in February 2016. Partnerships established during this project with CRANE, Cooperative for ethical financing (Ethical Bank) and crowdfunding platform „Doniralica“ will ensure quality support for young entrepreneurs and future participants of „Catalogue of entrepreneurial ideas“ within Smart Inno project.

Publication is avaliable on the following link:

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