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26 May 2015
Conference: Support Programmes and Funds for Start-ups, Fast Growing and Innovative Companies
May 28, 2015, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Belgrade

Access to finance is one of the most frequent problems private sector is faced with in Serbia and in the Western Balkans. Lack of financial means prevents entrepreneurs to proceed with their development plans and investment projects, to apply new technologies or develop own innovative solutions. The availability of sufficient financial means is the most important factor also for those who intend to start their own business.

When we speak about finance usually the banks, loans, tough clauses and high interest rates come to our mind. Alternative sources of financing are not well known and present among the economic subjects here. That is why the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, in cooperation with partner organizations and institutions, hold a conference called:

“Support Programmes and Funds for Start-ups, Fast Growing and Innovative Companies”

on the 28th of May the premises of the CCIS, 15, Resavska St., Belgrade.

This conference aims to bring more information on other forms of financing that are available in Serbia, such as: the State aid programmes, existing or soon to become operational ones; private or public funds; international development programs. Our goal is to encourage and instruct economic subjects how to reach for them. In order to accelerate the application to these financial resources we will provide the opportunity for our audience to hear the experience and recommendations of the companies and innovators who have successfully taken the advantage of each financial arrangement presented at the conference.

This conference is held within the framework of the project Smart Inno, dedicated to a business platform building-up, which will facilitate the cooperation between the MSME sector and financial community in the Adriatic-Ionian region.

For more information on above mentioned subjects, please contact Mrs. Ljiljana Miletic, Senior Advisor at the International Economic Relations Dept. of the CCIS, Phone No. 381 11 33 00 925 and e-mail: