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25 Feb 2016
E-commerce and Digital Culture for SMEs - February 25 2016 - Sant'Angelo in Vado, PU (Italy)

SMART INNO Partner Agency for Innovation (Pesaro, Italy) organizes an event on February 25, 2016on "E-commerce and Digital Culture for SME: potentialities and tools of Internet Economy".

Objective of the seminar is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of SMEs on approaching and using digital tools in their everyday's business. In particular, it will explore the benefits of online sales and how to create an e-commerce website.

It will be also the occasion to explore some best practices (Woocommerce/Joomla/Magento; Amazon/Ebay/others), the legislation on e-commerce as well as to assist to a practical case (product presentation, initial problems and advices on how to overcome them, how to set up the online selling, positive aspects and criticalities on online selling, other activities and tools related to it).

The seminar is foreseen in the evening, at 20:00, at the Hall of the Municipality Council, Piazza Umberto I, Sant'Angelo in Vado (PU, Italy).

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Mr. Luca Melchiorri
Agenzia per l'Innovazione nell'Amministrazione e nei Servizi Pubblici Locali S.c.r.l.
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