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FB16 - European Regional Framework for Cooperation (ERFC)

European Regional Framework Co-operation – ERFC - is established in a converge region (Western Greece), with an ever expanding network offices in other Greek  & EU Regions. It was created in 2009 to give voice to the need expressed by the society to support the growth of Greek and European territories.  ERFC aims to serve as a best example of bottom up institutional building effort towards EU Integration fostering Inter-regional and regional competitiveness while mainstreaming EU project recommendations into National &Regional Policies. ERFC’s members and associates are key EU integration executives, public bodies, academic institutions and civil society from EU and the rest of the world. The network of ERFC experts amounts more than 100 executives, active in different complementary fields. State of the art offices and ICT equipment guarantee an efficient and effective coordination and management of activities.


HEAD Offices: 33, Paltonos Street, 25100 Aegion, Greece
Branch offices: 13 Iasonos & Sosipatrou Str, 49100 Kerkyra, Greece


Mr Nikolaos Petropoulos   / 
Tel : +30 2910 60427
Fax : +30 26910 62.904