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SIPRO was founded in 1975 with the name of Società Interventi Produttivi with the tasks of studying, undertaking and promoting initiatives aimed at supporting production settlements in the area of Ostellato by the acquisition and urbanization of industrial sites, the preparation of studies and research to enhance the resources of the territory of Ferrara. In following years, SIPRO extended its mission and assume a broader territorial connotation, including the whole province.
In 1999, SIPRO becomes a Local Development Agency, with the task of promoting the overall territory of Ferrara. Thanks to the positive results achieved as implementer of Objective 2 measures, SIPRO managed a Regional Special Programme for investments in companies and infrastructures, as well as the Territorial Pact for Ferrara (national funds).
Currently, SIPRO is the body managing three Eco-Industrial Parks, and is particularly active in transnational cooperation projects with partners from all over Europe (issues: cluster, energy efficiency, support to startup and SMEs, incubators, creative industries).

Via IV Novembre, 9 - 44121 Ferrara

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