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FB5 Agency for Innovation of Administration and Public Local Services

The Agency for Innovation was founded in 1988 and deals with the promotion of Innovation processes in local public administration, of consulting and development of the area and the local economy. API also focuses on the dissemination of best experiences of Innovation within the public sector on a national and international level. It also organizes seminars and conferences in collaboration with industrial partners, and professional services company.
The Agency has 12 associaties mostly public: 5 municipalities and 1 province of central Italy including municipality of Pesaro and the province of Pesaro-Urbino, where API has its head office and operational.
Among associaties of the Agency is also the local public hospital and the Company Pesaro public services as well as some private partners involved in publishing, training and inventory of public assets.
API since 2002 manages EU projects, providing consultation on innovation and technological development, support to PA and SME's.


Viale Trieste 296, 61121 Pesaro, Italy


Pamela Maronari - Director
Tel.: +39 0721 259007
Fax: +39 0721 269363