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FB7 Zlatibor Regional Development Agency

The Zlatibor Regional Development Agency (Zlatibor RDA) is a non-profit regional development institution founded in 2002 by 9 municipalities from Zlatibor County. Since 2011, it is accredited by the National Agency for Regional Development  of the Republic of Serbia and authorized to implement national programmes for regional development, mostly focused on SMEs sector.  Zlatibor RDA  implements its activities through 6 regional boards consisted of private, public and civil sector representatives, experienced in the following fields: environment protection, economy and SMEs development, social issues, rural development, spatial planning and infrastructure,  management and finance.  The main objective of Zlatibor RDA is to contribute to the regional sustainable development through activities in economic, social and environment sector.

Main services for SMEs are:  information, trainings, mentoring and promotion, as well as implementation of specialized programmes for increasing competitiveness and innovations of SMEs through the field work.

During past 6 years, Zlatibor RDA implemented more than 20 EU funded projects.


Petra Celovica bb, 31 000 Uzice, SERBIA



Danijela Jandrić

Tel.: +381 31 523 065
Fax: +381 31 510 098