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FB8 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

Established in 1857, The Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry represent the common interest of the enterprises and other economic subjects of the Serbian territory and is entrusted with the task of creation of an economic system, economic policies and business environment. The main aim of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia is to encourage the creation of strong competitive climate and legislature beneficial for profitability and growth of our member companies, to create better business conditions for the businesses in Serbia regardless of their size and activity, to encourage their access to international markets, thus contributing to higher standard and economic development of the country. Chamber of Commerce is actually taking an active part in making Serbia an attractive invest¬ment destination for foreign partners. The Serbian Chamber of Commerce actively creates innovative opportunities for businesses to advance within a global economy, because it considers innovation as a key element of the economic development of Serbia. It has been recognized at national level for the promotion and implementation of economic innovative models, focusing its internal resources into the permanent education of entrepreneurs, as well as continuous and constructive discussion with the national government in order to improve the business environment and to protect the interest of the national enterprises.


Resavska 13-15, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


Goran Ilic 
Tel: +39 0285 155366
Fax: +39 0285 155394