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21 Jan 2016
Get ready for 'Startup Europe Week' in 220+ EU cities!
An initiative of Startup Europe and European Commission

From 1st to 5th February 2016, Startup Europe Week partners all over Europe will present the projects sponsored by Startup Europe and all other relevant initiatives being developed in regional ecosystems.

Entrepreneurs will have the chance to meet Startup Europe project leaders as well as some of the most relevant people supporting entrepreneurs in your region.
During one week, the Startup Europe Week will unite all European regions to help entrepreneurs make a difference and turn Europe in a better place to start and grow a business.

All SEW events will:

  • Focus on regions: what local/regional authorities or “ecosystem players” can do for entrepreneurs locally.
  • Have local support/hands-on approach: every event, talk will be pragmatic. For example, offering “insider” tips to access a local grants, local support, office space etc.
  • Meetup format and network-driven: events with a total duration of 1h30-2h focusing on putting local ecosystem players in contact with local entrepreneurs.
  • Showcase Startup Europe initiatives: as an additional aspect, the events will inform entrepreneurs about the various opportunities for entrepreneurs to get additional funding/sponsorship or endorsement by Startup Europe/European Commission.

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FACEBOOK PAGE of the event: Startup Europe Week