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The idea behind the project comes from the need to bridge the gap between the Adriatic regions and EU average in terms of RTDI investments and strengthen the regional cohesion within Ionic Adriatic macro region and within EU itself.

The SMART INNO project aims at overcoming identified deficiencies and shortcomings (e.g. low access to financing, lack of synergies among SMEs and R&I producers, policy makers and investors) by widening the geographic scope of action (bridging 17 regions from 8 countries), and using a holistic approach for bridging demand and supply, by providing smart coaching and match-making, and by increasing access to alternative funding of regional innovative ventures.
The implementation of SMART INNO will have the following impacts in the participating regions:

  • Establishment of trans-regional network of R&I institutions and SMEs in Adriatic, that, through clustering, will increase collaboration, flow of information and investments.
  • Establishment of a novel type of SMEs and Start-ups ecosystem with coaching for fund-raising and access to investment sources, through a finance marketplace.
  • Increasing the opportunity of scientists for employment within their region, Reducing brain drain.
  • Provision of alternative funding for innovative activities, with the establishment of the Adriatic BAN.
  • Increasing technology transfer from regional public RTDI institutions towards SME’s, and thus increase the exploitation of research results producing significant regional value added and spillovers.
  • Increasing the capabilities of the Regional Innovation System in designing, planning and monitoring RTDI actions and programmes.
  • Building up regional data/intelligence/transfer to non EU members, practices, routines and methods that will enable them to converge to the EU policies.