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28 Jul 2015
Press release REGIONAL WORKSHOP on CROWDFUNDING, July 22, 2015
Event organized by Unioncamere del Veneto (Venice, Italy)

Last Wednesday, July 22, 2015 a Regional Workshop "WHICH OPPORTUNITIES AND HOW TO ACCESS TO CROWDFUNDING" was held in Venice, at the premises of Unioncamere Veneto. The initiative, organized in the framework of SMART INNO project, was attended by SMEs and innovative start-ups from all across Veneto Region and North-East Italy as well. The aim was to explore all the concrete possibilities offered by the Crowdfunding system both in financing innovative products - developed by SMEs – (reward) and in strengthening start-ups’ capital (equity crowdfunding).

During the morning, after the greetings of Mr. Antonio Bonaldo, Head Department of Economic Development - Section Research and Innovation, Veneto Region and of the Director of Unioncamere del Veneto - Eurosportello, Mr. Francesco Pareti, an overview on Sharing Economy and different instruments of alternative finance, including the Crowdfunding, was provided.

The Round Table of the afternoon offered to the public an exchange of opinions, enriched by good practices and sharing of strategies, by representatives of crowdfunding platforms, Italian incubators, regional and institutional entities involved in the Development and Innovation of Veneto Region.

The audience had the opportunity to interact with the experts, deepening which are the opportunities currently available for our entrepreneurs in the Italian and EU context.

Among the experts, we had the pleasure to host a speech on Techno Seed (certified Business Incubator of our SMART INNO Partner, Friuli Innovazione) by Ms. Elisa Micelli.

Please find AGENDA and PRESENTATIONS of all speakers by clicking here.

A press release (in IT language) is available here:


UCV Team, WP2 Leader