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The SMART INNO project wants to exploit the potentialities of the Adriatic Ionic Macroregion for strengthen the cohesion and establish smart network for sharing innovation and technology transfer among SMEs.

A number of initiatives are foreseen by the SMART INNO project, oriented towards results. The mains expected  results through the implementation of SMART INNO are:

  • 12 open days, 10 regional events, 3 cross fertilization initiatives,7 workshops to capitalise knowhow, 6 transnational and  20 local working groups meetings.
  • 12 Feasibility studies, road maps/action plans of financing priorities at CB/local level, 4 Pilot actions to improve competitiveness of SMEs through clustering, coaching schemes for SMEs and start up, matching schemes for network members strategy and measures to sustain Ionic-Adriatic network of R&I institutions, SMEs recommendations and guidelines for ad-hoc programmes to stimulate Research&Innovation.
  • Long term commitments among national/regional/key experienced stakeholders & policymakers to address RDI challenges & make stable concerted effort in decision making in RDI policy; creation of policy/financial/methodological instruments/tools to support SMEs RDI capacity & emerging innovative sectors; innovation online service specialized in supporting SMEs in emerging economic sectors and cross borders agreements for sustainability of joint research & training programmes.
  • Identification of  business and technological capacities for building sustainable cluster in sustain Ionic-Adriatic network; developing of ecosystem of innovation sectors that support smart cluster; building of a web based platform to inform and facilitate communication among smart cluster stakeholders; developed Adriatic BAN that increases access of innovative SMEs to financing.