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02 Mar 2015
SMART ART: Textile recycling in the function of promotion of touristic potentials of western Serbia region
Užice March 6th, 2015 at 12:00

The Zlatibor Regional Development Agency is organizing SMART ART within the framework of the project SMARTINNO - Smart Network and Sustainable Innovation Cluster, whose objective is to foster efficient cooperation and contribute to the development of the wider community through the support to innovations and networking of the stakeholders on our territory. In regard to that, we do believe that the right way is to use the opportunities offered by the Center for recycling for the purpose of promotion of touristic potentials of our region, as the Center possesses the raw materials and equipment necessary for making souvenirs.

The Center for textile recycling is the outcome of many years of activities implemented by the Association named Uzice Women’s center with the aim to foster women economically, and it is a direct result of the project Textile Recycling for Sustainable Solutions which they are implementing in partnership with the Zlatibor RDA, with the support of the European Union within the Program of Cross Border Cooperation Serbia – Montenegro.

Wih the support of the Art School from Uzice, we shall use the opportunity of the official opening of the Center to present the works of tallented students, who shall make their preliminary solutions of souvenirs of recycled textile for this occassion. The souvenirs shall promote touristic potential of western Serbia region in an innovative way.