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04 Jun 2015
SMART FOOD – Mountain breakfast
Innovations in local gastronomy in the function of tourism offer improvement

Zlatibor Regional Development Agency organizes regional conference on 9th June, 2015 in the hotel Palisad, in order to present and promote quality guarantee mark Mountain breakfast, registered with the aim to improve tourism offer of Western Serbia region.

Mountain breakfast is introduced for marking local traditional products and services provided by hotels, restaurants and rural households, which use advantages of local products for innovations in the gastronomy offer.  In addition to mark, there are mountain menus and visual identity created for various products representing tradition of this region. New menus will be introduced in the most important hotels and restaurants, while various products with common visual identity and new packages will be presented in specially designed souvenir boxes. Local traditional products will be available for tourist in the souvenir packages, and they would be able to enjoy during their holiday and even when they return to their homes.

In order to get familiar with regions where integration of local traditional products was successfully performed, representatives of Istria Rural Development Agency will present their experience in local traditional products valorization. Their innovative approach in products development and close cooperation with tourism sector actors made this region the best practice example. Presence of the representatives of the respective ministry, national tourism organization, local authorities and HoReCa sector will be the base for discussion of the key stakeholders and agreement for future joint actions.