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05 Nov 2015
SMART INNO – Innovation Square @ ECOMONDO Fair - 4-6 November 2015
An initiative by Province of Rimini (Italy)

The Province of Rimini, Lead beneficiary of SMART INNO project, is pleased to inform you about the important initiative realized at Ecomondo 2015 – The Green Technologies Expo ( within SMART INNO project.

The Province of Rimini has organized the “SMART INNO – Innovation Square”  venue, where 15 innovative start-up in the environment\energy sector have been resident for all the time of the initiative.

Yesterday, 04/11/2015 the Italian Minister of the Environment Gianluca Galletti visited the venue and he was pleased with our initiative.

The Ecomondo 2015 exhibition will end tomorrow, November 6th. SMART INNO project will continue to be a key player by hosting the 7th edition of the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND ECO INNOVATION COUNCIL on Thursday November 5th and the presentation of selected start-up and new SMART INNO Platform "INNOVATION HUB" on Friday, November 6th.

The Province of Rimini is pleased to share with all the compliments addressed by the Minister to SMART INNO project.

Dr. Carlo Casadei

Province of Rimini