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17 Dec 2015
SMART INNO Pilot project by Zlatibor RDA Partner
How to valorise and use potentials for SMART growth of Zlatibor District

As a part of Zlatibor RDA pilot action within SMART INNO project, field visit of 5 Italian experts to the Zlatiborski District was realized on 3rd and 4th December, 2015. The aim of their visit was to support local producers and all other relevant actors in their efforts and activities related to the use of territorial potentials for tourism offer improvement and economic development.

This visit is realized after introduction of our meat and diary producers with key elements in branding prosciutto San Daniele and Montasio cheese, which are produced in northern Italy, Friuli Venezia Gulia Region.  Those local products which can be compared with our cheese, kaymak and beef prosciutto, are products with protected denomination of origin , which are, due to its premium quality, known all around world.

Experts visited several meat and dairy producers during stay in Zlatibor District, in order to get practical information related to the technology of production, key problems in production and challenges in marketing and distribution. Working meeting with producers and other actors in Cajetina municipality was organized as an opened discussion, what provided experts opportunity to express their impressions and recommendations in terms of adequate valorisation of the existing potentials.

Mr Michele Malago, director of San Daniele Agro food Park said that Zlatibor District has great potentials for tourism development through branding traditional products. But development has to be supported by local authorities, through financial subsides for introduction of innovations and networking of key value chain actors. Connecting producers and agreeing common development objectives is not easy task, and therefore we came here to transfer you know-how for creation of network which will gather all stakeholders who have role in development of traditional products. Introduction of innovations and continuous increase of quality, together with strong marketing activities have to provide you good results and success on the market. Branding is process which may last for years, but you have to work and be patient.

Based on the information collected during filed visit, Italian experts will create recommendations for further activities and consider preparation of proposals related to rural development and diversification in agricultural production.

Contact person: Ms. Danijela Jandrić