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27 Nov 2015
SMART INNO-SME WEEK: Arts/Tech/Biz MASH UP, 19-21 Nov 2015
An initiative by Friuli Innovazione (Italy)

SMART INNO Partner Friuli Innovazione, within the SME WEEK 2015, has organized a 3-day event aimed to:

  • Creatives, makers, graphic designers, artists, ...
  • Developers, geeks, IT or technology experts, social media managers, ...
  • Startuppers, project managers, would be entrepreneurs, ...

There are hundreds of creatives, makers, IT experts, project and social media managers searching for the best opportunity to exploit their competences.

And there is full of startuppers elaborating innovative ideas, but lacking the competences to develop them.

Here it comes “Arts/Tech/Biz MASH UP”: the totally free event held on 19-20-21 November that made the artist work with the IT expert, the maker with the project manager, the designer with the startupper to create real business projects starting from simple ideas.

Coordinated and driven by a team of young professionals, the participants have been gathered in teams, exploiting synergies among extremely different competences to develop new entrepreneurial projects in just 2 days time.

An incredible occasion to find new job contacts (both locally and internationally) and to learn by doing, but among all 2 days of authentic fun! 

A real entrepreneurial challenge, with networking and team building initiatives!!!!

And in the end the best projects have been awarded!

Follow the Fb page for discovering the winner team: ‪#‎mashupUD


Contact person: Ms. Francesca Barnaba