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18 Dec 2015
SMART INNO SYNERGY: Clustering pilot actions of SMART INNO partners
A contribution by Regionalna Razvojna Agencija Zlatibor - ZRDA (Užice, RS)

Acting according main conclusions and recommendations agreed during SMART INNO Steering Committee meetings in Pula (HR) and Corfu (GR), related to the optimization of activities and networking within pilot actions among partners, in cooperation with partners from Slovenia and Croatia, Zlatibor RDA organized working visit to Primorsko-Notranjska Region in Slovenia and Istria in Croatia for the representatives of tourism sector and rural development of Zlatibor District. Networking of the pilot actions targeting same sectors was done with RDA Green Kras and Koper Regional Development Centre, while meetings with Istria Development Agency and Juraj Dobrila University were organized with the aim of transferring knowledge and experience in tourism destination management.

From 6th to 10th December 2015, representatives of Tourism and Rural Development sectors from Zlatibor District visited Slovenia and Croatia with the aim to get familiar with experience and good practice example in the Tourism destination management and opportunities for integration of various territorial potentials in the touristic offer.

In addition to the transfer of experience, meetings of the key tourism actors from Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia set the platform for future cooperation thorough signature of MoUs, contributing to the networking of intellectual capital and capitalization of the results on the SMART INNO consortium level.

The first part of the visit was organized with Regional Development Agency Green Kras that presented its experience in tourism destination management to the guests from Serbia and Regional Development Centre Koper.  Green Kras tourism destination is managed by newly established DMO, in charge for networking all tourism actors with the aim to valorise potentials and characteristics of the territory.  SMART INNO partners - RDC Koper, RDAs Green Kras and Zlatibor and TO of Western Serbia Region signed Memorandum of Understanding as   a platform for future cooperation through transfer of knowledge and experience in the field of tourism.

After Slovenia, tourism actors from Zlatibor District visited Istria, which is the most successful tourism destination in Croatia. Istria Tourism Organization and Istria Agency for Tourism Development presented their management model and roles of all stakeholders. This was also opportunity to meet SMART INNO partners, Istria Development Agency and Juraj Dobrila University and to exchange information and experience in tourism offer specialization. Participants also visited Centre for science and innovation, established by IDA and University in the scope of SMART INNO pilot action. IDA and Zlatibor RDA signed MoU, expressing willingness to continue cooperation in future in the frame of the economic development.

Contact person: Ms. Danijela Jandrić