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20 May 2015
START CUP VENETO (ITALY) 14th ed. - Get registered by JUNE 29, 2015
Have confidence in your idea, the rest will be done by Start Cup Veneto!

The Start Cup Veneto 2015 Prize aims to stimulate research and technological innovation to support the economic development of the region, giving substance to the ideas of the participants and enabling them to adequately address the start-up phase of a new business. It is not only about cash support, but also training and advice on the most important aspects of business management.

The competition on innovative business ideas is funded by the 3 universities of Veneto Region (University of Padua, Venice Ca 'Foscari and Verona) and consists of a single stage and a national final "rush" during "National Award for Innovation - PNI 2015".

Winning projects will be chosen by evaluating submitted business plans, following the criteria of the technology value or knowledge of the idea, its viability and the quality of the exhibition floor.

Who can participate? The competition is open to groups of at least 3 people; there is no maximum limit of members in a group. You need to develop a business idea having a very innovative content, in any field and regardless its stage of development, provided that it is the original work of an individual or group of individuals. All participants in SCV will attend to events useful to turn their idea into a business plan and to establish a privileged contact with the industrial and financial world.

Get registered to the initiative by 29 JUNE 2015!

For all the information, access to the link

Last tip: Road to Startcup Veneto @Ca’ Foscari -> take part to the 1st presentation event "Business design: from the idea to the Business model" scheduled for May 28, 2015 on 4:30 pm in Sala Dorigo, Ca’ Foscari III piano, Venice (Italy)


Let's keep fingers crossed!


WP2 Leader - UCV Team