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25 May 2015

Scientists, financieries and young entrepreneurs in the focus of EU Future Perspectives:


SMART INNO Regional Conference „European Union Future Perspectives: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Policy“ was held in Pula from the 21-23 of May. Juraj Dobrila University of Pula and Istrian Development Agency, Croatian SMART INNO partners organized this international scientific conference.

Over 90 scientists have presented their papers in 15 science sessions during 3 days, with special focus on social innovation, social entrepreneurship an tourism innovation. Economic policy effects in terms of EU future perspectives were the main focus of the discussions.

Keynote Speakers were Prof. Steve Keen (UK), Prof. Guglielmo Maria Caporale (UK), Prof. Michael Dowling (Germany) and Prof Peter Mihaly (Hungary).

 “SMART INNO Transnational Project Meeting” was also held on the 21st and 22nd of May. SMART INNO consortium discussed on project matters in order to achieve common goals.

Two SMART INNO workshops “Innovation is the core of EUSAIR” have attracted a lot of public interest.

First workshop “Innovation support in entrepreneurship" gathered all the relevant Croatian stakeholders: Bruno Radojica (Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts), Jasna Jaklin Majetić (Croatian Chamber of Commerce), Jana Blažević Marčelja (Science and technology park – STEPRI, University of Rijeka), Nikola Balić (Technology Transfer Office – University of Split), Ani Gerbin (PACINNO PROJECT, IPA CBC PROGRAMME), Vedrana Grozdanić (MET.R.IS.), Siniša Miljević (Istrian Tourism Development Agency  - IRTA), prof. Violeta Šugar (Faculty of Economics and Tourism) and Dr. Mijo Mirković (Juraj Dobrila University of Pula).

Youngest regional conference participants were young entrepreneurs – students and pupils - who presented thier ideas to business angels, as an ouptut of educational program “Catalogue of Entrepreneurial ideas” implemented within SMART INNO Smart project, on behalf of Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (mentored by Katarina Kostelić, project expert, SMART INNO).

Second workshop “Financing Innovative Entrepreneurial Ventures” gathered prominent representatives of alternative financing in Croatia. President of Croatian Business Angels Network – CRANE – Mr Davorin Štetner congratulated SMART INNO project on all the achieved goals and project vision and mission.  Other workshop participants were Damir Mujić (CRANE-a), Cinzia Zubin (Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development) Goran Jeras (Ethical bank), Hrvoje Hafner (Crowdfunding platform Doniralica ), Sanja Vale Čupić (Adrinaut) and Blanka Matković (Business Professional Women - Kreativna / Creativa).