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Target Groups

The overall objective of the project is to develop a smart networking system for monitoring and fostering research & innovation capacity in SMEs, to increase competitiveness, and support SME sustainable growth through the use of financial instruments and

The SMART INNO project will represent an important and positive turning point for the following target groups:

• SMEs at local and international level: they will benefit first from the overall objective of the project and from the instruments that will be developed.

• Business Sectors: they will benefit from the technology transfer and from new networks established.

• Business Angel and Start Up incubators:  a business angels network will be created in order to increase access to of innovative SMEs and young entrepreneurs

• Banks and investors: they will be involved in workshop/events and webinars for fostering collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the SMART INNO project.

• Institutions: Local, regional and national institutions responsible for innovation issues, National, local and regional public policymakers and decision making process.