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06 Oct 2015
Contribution edited by RDA Green Karst, Ltd.

The RDA Green Karst, Ltd. established the Centre for Innovation and Development in January 2015. Following its vision, the Centre encourages and develops the culture of innovation and the development mindset into the public and private as well as the non-profit and profit sectors. By implementing different activities, it encourages development-oriented individuals, entrepreneurs, decision makers and policymakers, research and education organisations, and non-governmental organisations, to raise awareness of their own and wider social development with the emphasis on understanding the innovations and the innovation ecosystem.

Since its establishment, the Centre has worked to establish the cooperation between regional companies in tool-making industry for the purpose of enhancing their innovation potential. The Centre has been coordinating several activities, among which the most demanding is the establishment of regional centre for education and training for the purpose of tool-making industry. So far, more than 20 SMEs have joined this initiative, including also regional education institutions and municipalities.

The Centre has been registered at the Slovenian Research Agency’s Data Base of Research and Development Actors and has also established a website, offering additional information on its activities. In 2016 and 2017 the Centre is planning additional activities, including other developmental actors from other business sectors but also NGOs, schools, municipalities etc. The Centre also aims at designing and implementing selected regional instruments, directed towards enhancement of regional innovation potential (such as financial instruments, training programmes etc.).

For more information see the Centre’s website: