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The SMARTINNO project aims at overcoming identified deficiencies and shortcomings in terms of RTDI investments and strengthen the regional cohesion within Ionic Adriatic macro region and within EU itself.
It will establish trans-regional network of R&I institutions and SMEs in Adriatic, that, through clustering, will increase collaboration, flow of information and investments as well as launch a novel type of SMEs and Start-ups ecosystem with coaching for fund-raising and access to investment sources, through a finance marketplace.

SMARTINNO will increase the opportunities of scientists for employment within their region, eeducing brain drain process and it will provide “alternative” funding for innovative activities thanks to the establishment of the Adriatic BAN.

SMARTINNO will boost technology transfer from regional public RTDI institutions towards SME’s, and thus increase the exploitation of research results producing significant regional value added and spillovers.

The increasing of capabilities of the Regional Innovation System in designing, planning and monitoring RTDI actions and programmes will also build up regional data/intelligence/transfer to non EU members, practices, routines and methods which will enable them to converge to the EU policies.

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PACINNO aims at overcoming the main obstacles and barriers to the economic development of the Adriatic countries, fostering the competitiveness of their minor firms (both in the high-tech fields and in the traditional industries), and promoting the creation of innovative start-ups.

PACINNO will establish a platform for cooperation in research and innovation, covering the whole Adriatic region. Targeting both research institutions, policy makers and business entities, it will help develop new bridges between the research and scientific activities, carried out at academic institutions, and the economic system, with specific reference to the technological needs of SMEs.

PACINNO will combine research activities with direct interventions in the local innovation systems. In particular, field surveys will be conducted to identify the innovation's actors and activities in the region, measure the innovation potential at the local level and provide a full mapping of the national innovation systems and the policies implemented. A new set of recommended innovation policies will be generated for public and private stakeholders and policy makers of the region.

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ADRIATinn will build innovation, cross-border clusters of SMEs and R&D Institutes, which interact with each other and with clients and suppliers and often share a pool of specialist labor, business and financial services, R&D and training facilities.

ADRIATinn will promote lifelong learning in research and innovation. The universities of the area will help the commercialization of research results by increasing the entrepreneurial mind-set of students and by collaborating with regional SMEs.

ADRIATinn will capitalize the advantages of the area. Bio-economy and energy sectors will help to: boost local economies; stimulate new activities; create new and sustainable jobs; have important spill-over effects on other industries; finally, enhance the attractiveness of regions and cities. This interregional cooperation project will ensure that both “old” and “wannabe” entrepreneurs will reach their full potential.

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